New Marinades and Seasonings for Wild Game Cooking

New Marinades and Seasonings for Wild Game Cooking
New Marinades and Seasonings for Wild Game Cooking (Jessyca Sortillon photo)

You've got all that delicious wild game meat in your freezer, so why not try some of these new marinades and seasonings to enhance the flavor profile of the next meal you cook up!

These new marinades and seasonings will make your mouth water.

New Burger and Bacon Seasonings

Take your wild game burgers to the next level with Hi Mountain's 5 new burger seasonings: Buffalo Wing, Garlic Pepper, Fiesta Salsa, Zesty Western, and Hickory. Just mix 2 tablespoons seasoning into each pound of wild game meat for flavorful, succulent burgers. Who knew adding a ton of flavor to a burger could be so simple?

Buffalo Wing Burger Seasoning: A burger seasoning made for hot wing lovers? Yes, please! Made with paprika, vinegar powder, garlic, salt, and other spices, this new seasoning adds great buffalo-wing flavor to burger meat. I recommend mixing it into ground venison burger with blue cheese crumbles and then grilling to your desired doneness. Top off your seasoned venison burgers with ranch or blue cheese dressing and serve with a side of carrots and celery sticks.

Garlic Pepper Burger Seasoning: If you like your burgers juicy and full-of-flavor, the new Garlic Pepper Burger Seasoning is for you. It's booming with flavors of garlic, pepper and hickory smoke. Add it to your burger meat (I like to mix in gorgonzola cheese too) and prepare your tastes buds for a flavor explosion!

Fiesta Salsa Burger Seasoning: This new seasoning adds all the flavors of salsa – bell peppers, onions, jalapenos, garlic, salt, cilantro – to a burger! For the ultimate party in your mouth, add the fiesta seasoning to your burger meat and then spoon a mixture of shredded Monterey jack cheese and cream cheese into the center of each patty before grilling. Then top off your burger with homemade guacamole and enjoy with a Cadillac margarita on the rocks. Muy bueno!

Zesty Western Burger Seasoning: You'll want to put on a cowboy hat to wrangle in this bold mix of seasonings. The garlic, onions, carrots, bell pepper, natural mesquite smoke, and other spices will have you saying, "Yee-haw!" To make a hearty western burger fit for a cowboy, mix this seasoning into your meat and pile your burger with cheddar cheese, bacon and fried onion rings.

Hickory Burger Seasoning: Want delicious smoke flavor in your burger, but don't have a smoker? Try the new Hickory Burger Seasoning. Use it in your burgers to create a deliciously sweet, smoky flavor the whole family will enjoy. They'll love them even more if you top the burgers with slices of bacon and serve with a side of baked beans too!

Bacon Seasoning: In addition to the new burger seasonings, Hi Mountain now offers an amazing new Bacon Seasoning as well. A mixture of brown sugar, black pepper, garlic, onion and other spices make this seasoning both sweet and savory. Sprinkle this mix on both sides of your bacon prior to cooking and get ready to indulge – this seasoned bacon is phenomenal!

With so many great new burger seasonings, it can be difficult to choose one. No worries though, Scott Leysath, host of The Sporting Chef on Sportsman Channel, has a solution for you. Try out his recipe for three venison sliders! Each slider utilizes a different Hi Mountain Burger Seasoning, so you can let your guests pick their favorite.

MSRP: $6.99 each | Contact: Hi Mountain Seasonings

New Hi Mountain Burger and Bacon Seasonings
New Hi Mountain Burger and Bacon Seasonings for wild game cooking. (Photo courtesy of Hi Mountain Seasonings)

All-Purpose Natural Wild Game Seasoning

Fat Boy is known for their amazing barbecue rubs and sauces, but did you know they offer wild game seasoning too? Natural ingredients, like paprika, onion, garlic and molasses, are blended with jalapeno and hickory smoke flavors to create a seasoning that's sweet with a touch of spiciness.

This is the perfect wild game seasoning to bring to deer camp and it works well for all types of wild game – venison, waterfowl, upland birds, and more. Try it in Fat Boy's Pheasant Piccata Recipe or your favorite wild game dish. Heck, this stuff is so good, I'd even throw it on some chicken wings. Just be prepared for awesome flavor.

MSRP: $5.95 | Contact: Fat Boy Game Seasonings

New All-Purpose Natural Wild Game Seasoning
New All-Purpose Natural Wild Game Seasoning (Photo courtesy of Fat Boy Game Seasonings)

Honey Habanero Rub and Grilln' & Roastn' Spice Blend

Spice Union just added two new versatile spices to its premium season lineup: Honey Habanero Rub and Grilln' & Roastn' Spice Blend. Both new seasonings work well with any wild game, beef, pork, chicken, seafood, lamb – even vegetables!

Honey Habanero Rub: Made with granulated honey, habanero salt, coriander, garlic and other spices, this new rub will add a delicious, spicy kick to your wild game. Use this rub to make delicious pulled pork sandwiches: Rub it on wild boar shoulder and then smoke it low and slow before shredding. Add shredded pork to a bun with coleslaw and enjoy!

Grilln' & Roastn' Spice Blend: This is a great seasoning blend for any wild game you plan to grill or roast in the oven. Use this combination of savory herbs and spices (garlic, coriander, rosemary, thyme, and other spices) to season roasted pheasant and potatoes.

In addition to these two new spice blends, Spice Union also offers a Wild Game Seasoning Blend specifically created to complement rich game meats. It can be used on both large and small game (venison, wild boar, pheasant, waterfowl, squirrel, etc.). 

MSRP: $7.99 | Contact: Spice Union

New Honey Habanero Rub and Grilln' & Roastn' Spice Blend
New Honey Habanero Rub and Grilln' & Roastn' Spice Blend (Photo courtesy of Spice Union)

Alcohol-Infused "Spirited Sauces"

Walton's now offers Excalibur "Spirited Sauces" that pair excellently with wild game. Use them as a dipping sauce or as a marinade to add rich flavor to your meat.

These exciting new sauces combine alcohol spirits with other ingredients to create bold flavors. There are 5 new sauces available: Kentucky Bourbon, Spicy Red Vodka, Jamaican Jerky Rum, Red-Eye Moonshine, and Mango Moonshine.

Kentucky Bourbon: With hints of bourbon and the sweetness of brown sugar, the Kentucky Bourbon Spirited Sauce is a must at your next outdoor cookout. Something tells me it would taste amazing on a grilled venison burger – YUM!

Spicy Red Vodka: A thick and creamy vodka sauce with a spicy kick. Mix it with ground venison, wine and veggies to make a spicy venison Bolognese sauce or use it in place of marinara sauce to make a zesty Italian wild turkey Parmesan.

Jamaican Jerk Rum: Bring the flavors of the Caribbean home with this tasty Jamaican Jerk Rum Spirited Sauce. The combination of Dark rum, Scotch bonnet peppers, allspice, thyme and other seasonings will delight your taste buds. Use it to make jerk venison kabobs: Pour sauce over cubed venison sirloin and marinate over night in the refrigerator. Skewer marinated venison with fresh pineapples and bell peppers, then place kabobs on a hot grill until done. Don't forget to invite your friends over and reserve a little of the sauce for dipping!

Red-Eye Moonshine: This creamy, Southern-inspired sauce features flavors of moonshine whiskey, coffee, tomato, chili, garlic, cayenne pepper, and horseradish. It would be a great marinade for pork tenderloin.

Mango Moonshine: The Mango Moonshine Spirit Sauce is vibrant, fruity and sweet. Infused with moonshine, honey, mango and papaya, and a mesquite smoke flavor, this sauce would pair wonderfully with rich, dark meats like goose and duck. It's also great on fish and can be used for sautéing vegetables.

MSRP: $7.99 | Contact: Walton's Inc.

New Spirited Sauces for wild game
New "Spirited Sauces" for wild game: Spicy Red Vodka, Mango Moonshine, Kentucky Bourbon, Red-Eye Moonshine, and Jamaican Jerky Rum. (Photo courtesy of Walton's Inc.)

New Seasonings for Jerky, Sausage, Meatloaf, and Beer Buds

Whether you're making sausage, jerky or meatloaf, you'll want to try one of these new seasonings from LEM Products to enhance the flavor of your wild game.

Fresh Sausage Seasonings: New sausage seasonings include Chipotle Bourbon (with brown sugar, chipotle powder, bourbon and pineapple flavors) and Garlic Chili Pepper (spicy and garlicky flavor). Add seasoning to a wild game mixture of at least 20 percent pork fat for juicy, flavorful sausages.

Jerky Seasonings: LEM's new jerky seasonings include Caribbean Jerk (great on wild game, seafood, pork and chicken) and Sweet & Hot (for those who like their jerky with a sweet heat).

Sausage & Meat Loaf Seasoning: An all-purpose seasoning crafted specifically for sausages and meatloaf. Mix this seasoning into your favorite wild game recipe. Don't have one? Try the homemade fresh pork sausage and seasoned meat loaf recipes conveniently included on the packaging. It also works great as a rub.

Beer Buds Powder: Love beer? (Of course you do; who doesn't?) Get that hoppy, beer flavor in your wild game with Backwoods Beer Buds. It's a beer extract in powder form, making it really simple to use. Mix it in with your favorite ground wild game, sausage, or meatball recipe to add the aroma and flavor of beer. Make sure to pair your dish with a frosty cold one too!

MSRP: $3.99-$14.99 | Contact: LEM Products

New Sausage & Meat Loaf Seasoning
New Sausage & Meat Loaf Seasoning (Photo courtesy of LEM Products)

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